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Uncovering mast cell identity and function
In health and disease

Dan Dwyer

Daniel Dwyer, PhD
Associate Immunologist | Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Assistant Professor | Harvard Medical School

Mast cells are long-lived tissue resident immune cells that arise from circulating progenitors and exhibit striking heterogeneity based on their tissue microenvironment. Following maturation, mast cell have critical roles in host defense, but also play a pathobiologic role across a number of human diseases. Our lab focuses on determining the signals that recruit mast cell progenitors from the circulation to inflamed tissues, understanding how mast cells integrate tissue- and inflammation-associated signals to take on a range of discrete phenotypes, and discovering how these phenotypes influence both tissue homeostasis and disease progression.

25Feb 22

Mina and Tamara speak at this year’s AAAAI

Mina and Tamara’s abstracts were both chosen for oral abstract presentations for the 2022 American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology annual meeting! Mina’s presentation “TGF-b Directs the Phenotype and…

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Adapted from Sammy Katta.

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